Fact Sheet: NSA Spies on You!

Ryan Nicholl
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Spying without a warrant

It's no secret that the national security agency spies on you! The NSA believes that warantless collection of metadata is constitutional.
“We conclude that the proposed communications metadata analysis, including chaining, is consistent with [...] the Fourth Amendment; [...]”
Memorandum for the Attorney General

Searching without a warrant

But it's not just about national security, as the fake media would have you believe. The government believes that this information is categorically exempt.
“As an initial matter, we note that the analysis of information legally within the possession of the Government is likely neither a “search” nor a “seizure” within the meaning of the Fourth Amendment.”
Memorandum for the Attorney General

Seizing without a warrant

The NSA has adopted a rather strange definition of what information the government has “lawfully acquired”. As far as the government is concerned, it has the authority to seize metadata even when the government would have no way to obtain that metadata in the first place! Roger Vinson, a tyrannical “judge” wrote:
“IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that, the Custodian of Records shall produce to the National Security Agency (NSA) upon service of this Order, and continue production on an ongoing daily basis thereafter for the duration of this Order, unless otherwise ordered by the Court, an electronic copy of the following tangible things: all call detail records or "telephony metadata" created by Verizon for communications (i) between the United States and abroad; or (ii) wholly within the United States, including local telephone calls.”
Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, BR 13-80

It's not just metadata

It's also a known fact that NSA doesn't merely conduct “metadata surveilance” but rather collects the CONTENT of communications:
“(C//REL) TEMPORA – "The World's Largest XKEYSCORE" – Is Now Available to Qualified NSA Users”
“TEMPORA provides the ability to do content-based discovery and development across a large array of high-priority signals. Similar to other XKEYSCORE deployments, TEMPORA effectively "slows down" a large chunk of Internet data, providing analysts with three working days to use the surgical toolkit of the GENESIS language to discover data that otherwise would have been missed. This tradecraft of content-based discovery using the GENESIS language is a critical tool in the analyst's discovery tool kit, and nicely complements the existing and well-known tradecrafts of strong selection targeting and bulk meta-data analysis,”
(TEMPORA -- "The World's Largest XKEYSCORE" -- Is Now Available to Qualified NSA Users)

NSA inserts backdoors into major encryption products

The NSA inserts backdoors into commercial software. This is not a theory, it is a fact:
“The fact that NSA/CSS makes cryptographic modifications to commercial or indigenous cryptographic information security devices or systems in order to make them exploitable. TOP SECRET// COMINT at a minimum”
“The fact that NSA/CSS successfully exploits cryptographic components of commercial or indigenous cryptographic information security devices or systems when the device or system is specified. TOP SECRET// COMINT at a minimum”

It's not just national security

NSA uses information illegally collected for the war on drugs.
“MYSTIC is an SSO program for embedded collection systems overtly installed on target networks, predominantly for the collection and processing of wireless/mobile communications networks. The oveit purpose is for legitimate commercial services for the Telco's themselves; our coveit mission is the provision of SIGINT [...] These systems directly support [...] Counter Narcotics, [...]”

NSA Articles mysteriously disappear from the internet

An incomplete list of news articles that have mysteriously disappeared:

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